Interview: Liz Keifer

Sentieri OnLine – When you arrived on GL, did you already know Blake (and Guiding Light) and was you afraid to play a character played with success by Sherry Stringfield?

Liz Keifer – When I was cast in GL I had already been a fan of the show since 1979 so I knew everything about the show and it’s characters. I had been watching Sherry Stringfield as Blake and was a big fan. That was extremely intimidating to take over for her and only because I knew the history so well, did I have the confidence to “make Blake my own.”

SOL –  You’ve always been great and very believable portraying Roger and Holly’s daughter. What mean to you Maureen Garrett and the fantastic Michael Zaslow?

LK – I learned a great deal working with Michel Zazlow and Maureen Garrett. I loved the mother daughter relationship that was so messed up as well as the father daughter relationship. Yet, underneath all the disfunction were people who did love each other.

SOL – The storyline of the twins by different fathers is one of the most controversial and talked-about plot. What did you think when you learned abotu this story? Did you like it?

LK – The story of twins by two different fathers was my favorite because it had all the elements of drama and comedy. At first I didn’t believe it could be until the writers told me they got the idea from a true story.

SOL – We loved you when a desperate Blake reads Tory’s diary and learn about Ross’s affair. What are your memories about that story and had you fun working with Charissa Chamorro?

LK – I remember doing a lot of my own stunts for that story. Hanging from rafters on the roof, sliding down escape hatches etc. Charissa was a doll to work with. I remembe was a beautiful dancer too. It was also emotionally painful to play tha story out. Blake loved Ross so much!

SOL – You have had two wonderful wedding days with Ross. Have you some special memories about these episodes?

LK – The first wedding I was sick as a dog and Jerry had to practically hold me up. The second wedding was more comfortable.

SOL – Blake’s books have always been bestsellers and they have had many conseguences in the Springfield citizen’s life. Have you ever thought to write books? A novel or a “behind the scenes” about Guiding Light?

LK – I think it would be fun to write a comedy about the behind the scens goings on in a soap opera. Who knows?

SOL – In the final episode of Guiding Light you and Frank become a couple and after a year you are still together. Which would have been your ideal finale for Blake? Which final would write “Darlena LaCrosse”? Does it involve Ross’s return?

LK – I would have loved Ross to return just as Blake is marrying Frank. Now there is some good story!

SOL – You and Jerry VerDorn are great friends. Have you ever talked to him about GL’s cancellation? What did he thought about it and, if it was possible, he wanted to come back for the finale episodes?

LK – He wanted to come back as a ghost to talk to Blake in one of the final episodes. Basically to give her permission to move on but the network he is currently working on would not let him make that appearance.

SOL – How changed your life after GL ending? Do you miss it? Do you think it may returns a day on television or as a webseries and would you like to come back as Blake? Do you plan to do other works for television or theater or a webseries like Venice or Gotham?

LK – I’m excited about the future of web series. I hope GL makes a comeback on the internet. I would definately play Blake again. I love Venice and Gotham and I think there is a good chance of seeing me pop up somewhere, eventually.

SOL – Have you ever been in Italy or do you plan to visit our country? Is there something you want to say to your several Italian fans?

LK – I”ve been to Italy once and toured your beautiful countryside by the sea. I loved it and hope to come back with my family . thank you for supporting GL and supporting Blake. Please continue to keep the faith and let the powers that be know how you want to see the “Light” continue.



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